Senan Sarsam, Senior Contracts Administrator

As Mono’s most experienced construction professional, Senan Sarsam brings nearly 40 years of industry related experience. Underpinning his professional experience are a Bachelor and Master’s in Science, majoring in Civil Engineering.

After more than 16 years of construction experience in Syria, Baghdad and Iraq, Senan moved to Australia and transitioned into the Australian construction industry, where he has gained more than 22 years of experience as a contracts administrator.

Senan’s expertise enables him to deftly prepare, examine and analyse contracts for the purchase of goods and services for Mono projects. Working in accordance with company policies and procedures, Senan is able to negotiate, revise and manage these contracts with ease and specialist insight.

Attention to detail

Senan’s talent lies in his attention to detail, spotting inconsistencies, inaccuracies and opportunities in even the most complex of contracts.

“I carry out all chart comparisons of the scope of work, to ensure that everything is covered, and any issues are rectified early in the contracts stage,” Senan says.

“My skill is looking at the ways Mono can work to ensure we stay within budget and meet other project criteria, while really paying attention to every detail.”

From contract negotiation through to materials deliveries and payment processing, Senan’s ability to navigate the complex contracts process is his forte.

Major projects

In his decades of experience as a contracts administrator, Senan has managed the contracts process for a variety of major projects.

From large apartment complexes to recreational facilities, aged care facilities and hospital extensions, Senan is an expert in facilitating a smooth contracts process with both private clients and government agencies.

“I love the variety and versatility of my work,” Senan says.

“And the support I receive at Mono is just great. The door is always open to speak to the leadership team about an issue and discuss everything in detail.”

Long-standing relationships

One of the biggest strengths of Mono, in which Senan plays a vital role, is their long-standing relationships with suppliers and clients.

“We are always working to make sure all our suppliers and our clients want to work with us again, and that really shows in our long-standing relationships,” Senan says.

“We never have any issues, and that works well for both Mono and the businesses and agencies we work with.”

Senan believes that the importance the Mono leadership team places on respect and transparency is what really drives these positive relationships.

“Our suppliers always want to work with us again and again, and I really believe this is because we are always open and honest with all of our communication,” Senan says.

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Extensive Project Portfolio

Mono’s portfolio of construction projects demonstrates the expert capability of our team, commitment to quality and exceptional service.

Blacktown Leisure Centre

We provided partial design and construction services for the multi-sport stadium and tennis centre at the Blacktown Leisure Centre at Stanhope Gardens.


Forest Road, Peakhurst

With 72 superbly designed apartments showcasing open living at its finest, ‘The Postmark’ on Forest Road, Peakhurst, is a highly sought after address.



We delivered 54 outstanding apartments for the Newleaf complex, part of the larger Bonnyrigg Living Communities project.


Richards Ave, Peakhurst

Delivering 15 apartments across three levels, our construction solution for the Richard’s Avenue, Peakhurst, project was completed in 2019.


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