Medical Facilities Construction

Safe, functional and well-designed medical facilities are essential to any community, and every person in that community is a stakeholder.

At Mono, we are always prioritising the end-user in our medical facility construction by delivering solutions that will benefit the people who spend their time in our buildings.

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Expert capability

With expert capabilities in the construction of medical facilities, including hospitals, every stage of our construction process is about delivering high quality, safe and functional products.

Involved in all aspects of the construction process from design and build through to civil and earthworks, we pride ourselves on developing innovative and sustainable solutions and delivering the highest quality services.

Perfected process

From in-depth site identification, due diligence and research, to design modelling and finalisation, in-depth budgeting and obtaining all development and construction approvals, our pre-development phases set the stage for all our projects.

Our team of construction professionals identify potential risks, capitalise on opportunities and ensure the project will be feasible, profitable and beneficial to all involved.

Bringing the project to life during construction, we execute the build by implementing standardised processes and detailed oversight to ensure the safe, on-time delivery of the project.

Our capabilities extend to post-completion management and operational management, where we ensure the project has met stakeholder expectations, that all quality control measures and remedial maintenance management are carried out, and we undertake thorough reviews to ensure the success of the project.

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Reliable, reputable and transparent

At Mono, our core values are at the heart of everything we do.

We believe that quality construction solutions have the power to change communities and that our values shape this change.

A Focus on Kindness and Respect – to our clients, contractors, colleagues and communities – at every stage of the construction process drives our reliable, reputable and transparent service delivery.

Ready to lay the groundwork?

At Mono, we are specialists in medical facilities construction. Whatever your project, we can help. Contact us to see how we can bring your project to life.

Extensive Project Portfolio

Mono’s portfolio of construction projects demonstrates the expert capability of our team, commitment to quality and exceptional service.

Blacktown Leisure Centre

We provided partial design and construction services for the multi-sport stadium and tennis centre at the Blacktown Leisure Centre at Stanhope Gardens.


Forest Road, Peakhurst

With 72 superbly designed apartments showcasing open living at its finest, ‘The Postmark’ on Forest Road, Peakhurst, is a highly sought after address.



We delivered 54 outstanding apartments for the Newleaf complex, part of the larger Bonnyrigg Living Communities project.


Richards Ave, Peakhurst

Delivering 15 apartments across three levels, our construction solution for the Richard’s Avenue, Peakhurst, project was completed in 2019.


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