Quality Construction Solutions

Mono’s range of construction solutions is designed to suit a wide range of construction projects to ensure you get the most out of your project.

Cost Plus

Our Cost Plus service offers a solution for projects requiring commencement that are awaiting completed design documentation. Using a percentage based fee structure, Mono’s Cost Plus offering provides clients with flexibility and control.

  • For projects awaiting completed design documentation
  • Percentage based fee structure
  • Flexibility and control

Design and Construct

Our Design and Construct offering provides the client with coordination of the professional services required to plan, design and construct a project. Mono will transform a project with design approval to a build-ready design, ensuring all requirements and approvals are met for a construction certificate.

  • Coordination of professional services
  • From design approval to build-ready design
  • Construction certificate approval

Design, Develop and Construct

In our Design, Develop and Construct offering, the client defines the basic design and requirements, with Mono managing the design approval stage through to project construction. The Mono team engages and coordinates all required professionals to complete the design and carry out the construction. 

  • Design approval to project construction
  • Coordination of professional services
  • Construction
Big wooden basketball court

Lump Sum

In our Lump Sum service offering, the client has full control of the design and Mono acts as one of the many professional organisations engaged to complete the project. Mono is responsible for the construction management of the project, ensuring schedule, budgetary and quality requirements are met, and the construction is completed to the client’s specifications.

  • Construction management
  • Client retains design control
  • Lump sum fee

Early Contractor Involvement (ECI)

Our Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) service is for clients who engage Mono in the initial stages of project design but retain control of the project. In ECI agreements, Mono partners with clients for the design and development, while allowing clients the freedom to source construction services elsewhere if budgetary requirements necessitate.

  • Partner for design and development
  • Client retains control
  • Freedom to source construction services elsewhere

Project Delivery Agreement (PDA)

In Project Delivery Agreements (PDA), Mono shares any risk with the client by taking a stake in the project. Mono manages the design, due diligence, pre-sales, design approval, construction certificate and construction stages to ensure the project is profitable for all parties.

  • Shared risk
  • Design management and  approval
  • Construction

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