Peter Moujalli, Construction Manager

After joining his brother in 2005, Peter Moujalli has been instrumental in the success of Mono. He brings a high level of expertise to his leadership role, as well as qualifications in building studies, project management and contracting for the construction sector.

Managing and mentoring the Mono project teams to ensure consistently high performance from the entire team are central to Peter’s role.

He plans, directs and oversees construction projects from conception through to completion, working to deliver all construction projects in a timely, safe and cost-effective manner. He reviews all projects in depth while monitoring building and safety regulations.

Building positive relationships

As construction manager, Peter is heavily involved with the teams delivering the projects, both the construction teams and Mono’s support teams, to ensure every client is satisfied. Building positive and transparent relationships with clients is an essential part of this process.

“I spend a lot of time working with clients to ensure we are delivering what they expect and meeting all project outcomes,” Peter says.

“I think one of the most important aspects of the role is being a good listener and communicator with all stakeholders involved. And a really integral part of that is making sure there are really clearly defined expectations… and that we meet these expectations.”

Having an open communication channel is vital for the success of the project, so that any issues or challenges that arise are handled effectively. Peter’s ability to communicate and his composed demeanour make him a key asset in Mono’s operations.

“One of my biggest strengths is being able to keep a level head under pressure and being able to make rational and informed decisions in these moments,” Peter says.

A value-based ethos

“The values we have at Mono are really ingrained in Chris and me, and were an important part of how we were brought up and it’s really easy for us to just live them,” Peter says.

“We speak a lot about values because they set up everything we do and impact the whole business.

For example, respecting our colleagues, clients and stakeholders isn’t just about respecting them as people, it’s also about respecting their time, their money and their resources.

This has a flow on effect to the entire project, like project budgets and timeframes.”

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Extensive Project Portfolio

Mono’s portfolio of construction projects demonstrates the expert capability of our team, commitment to quality and exceptional service.

Rosemeadow Stage 3

With 45 independent living units across a five building complex, Rosemeadow Stage 3 Seniors Housing includes a split level basement parking with a communal garden


Airds Stage 9

The Airds Stage 9 Seniors Housing project consists of 31 units across 4 buildings, inclusive of  basement parking, lifts and a communal garden


Forest Road, Peakhurst

With 72 superbly designed apartments showcasing open living at its finest, ‘The Postmark’ on Forest Road, Peakhurst, is a highly sought after address.


Beane Street, Gosford

In the heart of Gosford’s central business district and close to schools, Gosford Hospital and the train station, the development will consist of 21 one-bedroom and 20 two-bedroom units.


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