What makes a good building? We ask Mono’s Director

When thinking about the qualities of a good building, you might think of impressive structural design or stunning aesthetics.

But for us, it’s so much more than that. While we believe in high-quality and aesthetically appealing design, a good building serves the community: it’s functional to those occupying it; it embraces the environment and community around it; it leaves a lasting legacy.

We’re proud to play a part in building homes, building facilities and building communities that combine all these elements in spaces that will be here for years to come.

Optimal Functionality

Whether the building is for people to live, work or play, it must allow users to live efficiently and comfortably while enjoying the space. That’s our number one priority.

From the placement of the building to its form and features, it must all reflect the intended purpose — and keep the people who use it as the major stakeholder.

We imagine ourselves inhabiting the space and ask ourselves (and stakeholders) key questions: what would add value, ease, efficiency? We ask opinions, review previous projects, revisit lessons we’ve learned.

As Mono’s director, Chris Moujalli, says: “Simple does not always equal functional. We look at the possible alternatives for any given situation and keep what would be most functional for the end user as our main goal.”

From establishing the most appropriate building orientation to enhance natural light and air, to materials, structural design and layout, considering every aspect of functionality is vital for the usability of any building.

Community and legacy

At Mono, we appreciate the legacy we are leaving, creating spaces that will be part of communities for generations to come.

So when we are constructing a new space for the community to enjoy, it’s so important to consider the community around it. What would add street appeal and character? What would stand out, without striking out?

Incorporating elements of the community into the building, whether thats materials, or design elements, will make the space richer and add another layer to the community.

Ready to lay the groundwork?

At Mono, we live and breathe construction. Whatever your project, we can help. Contact us to see how we can bring your project to life. Read more construction articles.

Extensive Project Portfolio

Mono’s portfolio of construction projects demonstrates the expert capability of our team, commitment to quality and exceptional service.

Blacktown Leisure Centre

We provided partial design and construction services for the multi-sport stadium and tennis centre at the Blacktown Leisure Centre at Stanhope Gardens.


Forest Road, Peakhurst

With 72 superbly designed apartments showcasing open living at its finest, ‘The Postmark’ on Forest Road, Peakhurst, is a highly sought after address.



We delivered 54 outstanding apartments for the Newleaf complex, part of the larger Bonnyrigg Living Communities project.


Richards Ave, Peakhurst

Delivering 15 apartments across three levels, our construction solution for the Richard’s Avenue, Peakhurst, project was completed in 2019.


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